Wave and Current Loads


Calculations of wave and current loads are of vital importance for designing marine installations. These calculations, and calculation of forces from them are professions which often are performed by other people than those doing the structural analyses. Because waves and current are of that importance for a structure  in a marine environment this may not be good. The company offers an alternative to this.

Where the environmental data for waves and current are unknown, the company may give assistance in finding the required data.

Calculation of wave loads may be done as an integral part of the structural analyses. This will be performed by simulating the wave kinematics from the given environmental data. From the wave kinematics wave loads on the structure are calculated. The wave loads are calculated in accordance with methods, widely accepted and used for design, as Morison's equation for small volume structures and estimation of static and dynamic pressure form potential theory for large volume structures. Models for estimation of vortex shedding forces are also available. Other models may be implemented and used.